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Whacky Guinness World RecordsWhacky Guinness World Records

There were 5,000 Thai contestants who performed for a hula hoop competition which set a new world record for the biggest number of individuals doing the hula hoop dance all in one place.

World’s Biggest National Flag – Numerous workers helped each other to carry the national flag of Romania to set the record of the world’s biggest national flag near Bucharest. The flag was measured at 349.4 per 226.9 meters.

Biggest Gathering of Chefs – There were 2,340 chefs and sommeliers who met up to pose for a photograph in Mexico City to beat the record of Dubai which was set by 2,847 chefs in January 2013.

Canada’s Brent Lakatos – British athlete Stefanie Reid gave her hubby, Brent Lakatos, a kiss for breaking the world records by winning the men’s 100m T53 held in East London.

British Columbia’s Stirling Hart – Stirling Hart set a new world record as he competed and won for an open climb event with the pole measuring 90 feet.

Most Facial Masks Applied – In Taipei, 1,231 people broke the Guinness World Record by putting on facial masks that lasted for 10 minutes.

33.1 Kg of Bees on ShePing – She Ping is a beekeeper who broke the world record by getting his body covered with 33.1 kg of bees or 331,000 bees. The last record was set at 26.8 kg of bees only.

Longest Time In Contact With Snow – Jin Songhao even got to enjoy beer and some snack as he endured the cold of direct body contact with snow for a total of 46 minutes and seven seconds.

Top Ten Guinness World Records on YouTube


10. Austin Coulson: Smallest roadworthy car

9. Charles and Alli Trippy: Most consecutive daily personal video blogs posted on YouTube
8. Kenichi Ito: Fastest 100 m running on all fours
7. Steve Sansweet: Largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia
6. Marc Márquez : Youngest MotoGP world champion
5. Colonel Meow: Longest fur on a cat 
4. Thunder Law: Longest basketball shot
3. Bob Dylan: Longest wait for a single’s official music video
2. Red Bull: Fastest Formula One Pit Stop
1. Fastest Entertainment Property to gross $1 Billion: Grand Theft Auto