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Rent a Crowd for a PR stunt

Renting a crowd of people to get your PR stunt noticed is a sure fire way of achieving maximum exposure.
Hiring a crowd of people for you next PR stunt will attract media attention, get the general public interested in all the commotion as well as making sure the message you want to achieve or the brand you want to get noticed really do hit the headlines.

Hiring a Crowd to attract attention
We have worked with many PR agencies and media houses to help them get massive exposure for their clients. Our crowds have been hired to look at art in a gallery, run around London with banners dressed as lady Ga Ga, be the crowd in music videos, queue outside shops to give the impression that its very busy, stunts for movie trailers, red carpet events to boost the numbers when the VIP’s arrive, book signings, DVD launches and many many more.
When we say we have a crowd for everything we really do mean it!

 We have a database of promotional event staff and crowds of more than 7,000 people covering the whole of the UK so where ever your stunt is taking place we will be able to assist in making the idea a reality. Our crowds come in all shapes, sizes, age and colour so we can fit around your PR stunt requirements no problem.

How to book a crowd of people for a stunt
Arranging a rented crowd for an event is made very easy with us. We understand that as a PR agency you have deadlines, budgets and clients that want you to get results for and because we understand these pressures our crowds  are comprehensively briefed on your  idea, expectationstos and brief to take away that pressure from you.

The crowds we provide are always local to where your activity is taking place which reduces your cost as there are no additional charges for travel.
We have been supplying our rent a crowd service to PR agencies and media houses for more than 4 years.  We are extremely confident that whatever you and your client need, our crowd of people have the experience and skills to ensure you get results.

Our 3 main principles when supplying a crowd of people for a promotional event or PR stunt are make It easy, Be reliable and know the brief.

To find out more about hiring a crowd please call the office on 0844 800 0071 or email the team at