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rent a crowd of people  for a premiereRed Carpet Crowd – Leicester Square

Here at Rent A Crowd we offer a range of crowd hire services. One of our recent events was when we supplied a crowd of 100 people to attend an event at Leicester square. Our crowd were required to act as real fans that were cheering on employees of a well known retail brand as they attended their annual awards ceremony!
As with most of our Rent A Crowd services they have the advantage of having a knock on effect. As our crowd cheered enthusiastically as the guests arrived the public who just happened to be in the Leicester square area gathered with interest making the crowd increasingly bigger to the point the crowd was an estimated 400 strong!

What is a Rent A Crowd

A Rent A Crowd service hire is essentially when a crowd of 15 people or more is required to attend an event, pr stunt or any activity. Our services range from people to attend a conference to boost the numbers up to extras to be on set for a new movie premier!

We understand that when it comes to hiring a crowd that discretion is of the highest importance. For example if your crowd is to boost the numbers at a paid event for the public and it must remain secret that people are being paid to attend. On the other hand you may not want people to know a part of your crowd for your seminar or private event is hired. Even our crowd are often not aware how many people are our staff.

Rent A Crowd Quotation

So if you are looking to hire a crowd for any event such as birthdays, funerals, corporate events, music events, book signings, PR stunts, movie background extra’s and many more look no further!

To find out more call us on 0844 800 0071 where a member of the team can assist you with your requirements and provide a free and fast quotation!