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Case Study – Love is in the Air: Setting the Scene for the Perfect Proposal

It can come out of the blue and it’s a question that takes some thinking about but when it comes to a romantic surprise setting for popping the question, there are many different avenues you could take.

One of our actors recently helped a client to propose to his girlfriend by taking part in the perfect set-up so that when he asked her to marry him over a romantic meal in London, she had no idea the question was coming. Sit back and enjoy this wonderfully romantic case study of setting the scene for the perfect proposal of marriage…

Setting the scene

Our client wanted to create the perfect excuse to whisk his (hopefully) soon-to-be finance away to London to propose to her in a restaurant. But he didn’t want her to pick up on any suggestion that something big was about to happen. And that meant acting as ‘normal’ as possible.

And so the scene was set…

The couple were to travel to London for him to complete a set of work-related activities and meetings in a hotel. His girlfriend was to accompany him as the ‘employer’ had also invited spouses and partners.

The client needed an actor to act as his boss, to meet him and his girlfriend in the hotel lobby and engage in a short conversation after introductions etc. The conversation was to flow as naturally as possible with references to work, clients they were seeing on that day etc.

This was followed by another ‘meeting’ at around 6pm that evening. By now, his girlfriend who had spent the afternoon enjoying the sights of London would meet her boyfriend in the lobby ready for the evening meal.

Again, his ‘boss’ would appear, engage in general conversation etc. But, here’s the twist: the actor would then be called away on some kind of emergency or issue and that he wouldn’t stay for the meal. He would tell his ‘employee’ to go ahead and enjoy the meal and then id the couple farewell.

The girlfriend, believing she was in a room full of corporate employees, would have no idea the question was coming…

The outcome

Our actor performed brilliantly. We handpicked an actor who was able to carry themselves with confidence, who came across as someone in charge of a company and with many responsibilities. The chatter about work and clients ensured that anyone who overheard the conversation would believe that it was a boss and employee situation.

His girlfriend was certainly none the wiser and remained that way until the moment he uttered those four life-changing words, “will you marry me?”.

Did she say yes? YES! And we were proud to play a small part in this continuing love story.

Proposals and more!

You can hire actors for any kind of event, including extras for a film to an actor or a group of actors to help you set the scene for a romantic proposal or any surprise you want to deliver to someone special. Get in touch to find out more!